Wednesday, March 23, 2011

zapatos . . . second try

So, the first pair of shoes I ordered came in the mail and they were HUGE. Falling off my feet. And, of course, they were not available in a smaller size. I just ordered the "runner-up" pair.

Here they are in all their glory:
Fingers crossed that they're a true size 7 and they will fit!

Do you like them better, not as much, or equal, compared to the first pair?


  1. I personally am not much for wedges, but I think fitting on the foot makes up for that by A LOT! Hope it fits!

  2. Yeah, wedges wouldn't have been my first choice either . . . but with my clumsy track record, I'm thinking they'll be easier to walk in and I might (fingers crossed) be a little less likely to trip and fall in my wedding dress. haha

  3. I think they are just as cute and I think wedges are more comfortable so maybe your feet will not hurt as much as the end of your long and wonderful day.

  4. The shoes fit this time! Yay!